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Ensure your artworks and antiques are documented and suitably valued for times of loss.

Artworks and antiques can change in value over time. Sometimes where fashions change, the value can fluctuate sharply. In the event of loss, fire or theft, it is advantageous to have Your artworks and antiques documented and suitably valued. Astute collectors will ensure their items are the subject of an independent valuation.

Fine Antiques provide formal valuation reports for large organisations, insurance companies and wise customers who wish to ensure that their assets are formally valued and documented.

Canterbury earthquakes created a unique need for home contents valuation. As a Christchurch-based company, we are proud to say we have provided thousands of valuations for EQC and insurance companies without issue and with total acceptance.

Insurance claims - full replacement value

Antony Gough

Our valuation methods ensure we report valid replacement values of your items.

Our valuing methods will ensure you receive fair compensation to allow the purchase of the same or similar item. We may add additional costs where replacement is difficult in New Zealand. Additions to the value may include shipping, duties, certification and government taxes.

Fully refunded valuation fees.

Many Insurance companies commission our valuation reports directly. Where you approach, you will typically pay our fees and then list your payment on your insurance claim for reimbursement. If you are unsure, please ask your insurer or insurance broker for peace of mind.

EQC contents claims

We are often surprised that there are still Earth Quake related claims. Fine Antiques have been involved with earthquake damaged contents appraisals from the beginning and commissioned numerous times to provide second opinions for insurance claims.

We are happy to travel to your place to catalogue your items and can often provide valuation via email.

Antony Gough - Testimonial

To the team at Fine Antiques,

It is with pleasure that I write this testimonial for you.

Antony Gough engaged the services of Fine Antiques to complete his contents claim following the February 2011 earthquakes. During this time Antony became very involved in the city’s rebuild and his personal earthquake claims were put to the side.

In 2015 it was decided that action should be taken and therefore Antony employed the services of fine antiques so that he could make good use of their expertise and knowledge to value his large antique collection and other curiosities.

antony-gough-d8a125df Contents Insurance Valuers

Antony was able to trust that Fine Antiques could do the work and provide a well-documented valuation. This meant that when Antony’s claim was lodged it was settled in a matter of weeks.

I would like to thank Fine Antiques for their professional manner, sound knowledge and attention to detail they went beyond the brief in valuing items even by searching overseas. Antony found them incredibly knowledgeable.

Many Thanks

Lisa Williams
PA to Antony Gough

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