How to date Doulton china and pottery

The Doulton factories were meticulous at marking their wares.

Almost always there will be a factory stamp on a piece of Doulton that indicates which factory, what period (or date) and who the artists and/or decorators were that created that piece.

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Doulton factory backstamps

Doulton & Co Ltd

Manufacturers of stonewares and earthenwares at Lambeth in London c.1854-1956, and also at Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent (where porcelains were also made) c.1882 to present day.




Standard impressed marks of Doulton & Watts partnership. c.1820-54

Any reference to 15 High Street predates 1839, the address was renumbered from 15 to 28 in 1838.
There has been no recorded markings for the Vauxhall Walk period 1815-1826.
While John Watts retired in 1853 and the company name changed to Doulton & Co, it is likely that the Doulton Watts stamps were used for sometime following.


Standard impressed mark. c.1854+
doulton-lambeth_1870 Dating Doulton
Ornamental wares date from about 1870; about this period an oval impressed mark incorporating the date of production.
doulton-lambeth_1877-1880 Dating Doulton
Impressed mark, c.1877-80
doulton-lambeth_1872 Dating Doulton
Impressed or printed mark on earthenware, c.1872+
doulton-lambeth_1880-1902 Dating Doulton
Standard impressed mark, c.1880-1902. From 1891 'England' was added below.
doulton-lambeth_1891-1956 Dating Doulton
On small pieces c.1891-1956 this impressed mark was used.
royal-doulton_1902-22_1927-36 Dating Doulton
Standard impressed mark c.1902-22 and 1927-36
also used on wares made at Burslem.
royal-doulton_1922_1956_no-crown Dating Doulton
Standard impressed mark (as above but without the crown) c.1922-56

BURSLEM, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Standard impressed mark used on earthenware (but not on stoneware) made at the factory in Nile Street, Burslem. c.1882+
doulton-burslem_1882-today Dating Doulton
Standard printed or impressed marks, c.1882 The word 'England' was added from 1891.
'Made in England' added from c.1930 to the present day.
royal-doulton_1902 Dating Doulton
Standard impressed mark from c.1902
also used on wares made at Lambeth.

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