Estate Valuers & Collection Appraisal

Fine Antiques have been helping customers understand the value of their assets for over twenty years.

As specialist valuers of art, antiques, we are often engaged to help in times of need. Whether you represent a deceased estate, are planning for the inevitable, or require an independent record of a collection and its value, we will be able to help you.

Our valuers are experienced and understand the need for privacy and the confusion caused in difficult times.

Some reasons for commissioning an estate or collection valuation that may relate to your situation:

Equitable Division & Distribution

Antony Gough
Often, families come to us with a dilemma where they inherit the family home's valuable contents. They are often experiencing troubles distributing items amongst the estates' beneficiaries.
It is easy to separate and divide everyday objects. Division becomes more difficult with more complex groups such as the old collection of silver or that vase handed down generation after generation. Add to this, some of the family may be happy to sell and divide the proceeds. Others are stunned by the idea, "How can you sell something that meant so much?" feeling the high sentimental value.
Written valuations help families divide assets fairly and equitably - allowing those who wish to hold family heirlooms an opportunity to do so without conflict.
Warning: Some people think it best to sell through an auction to allow family members to purchase at open market (fair value). This may work for lower-valued objects; however, the family member buying at auction will pay buyers and sellers commissions ranging between 25-40% + taxes.

Trustee Duty

While verbal appraisal for estate division is useful, we also provide full reporting to help document the distribution and proper management of estate.
As a Trustee you have an obligation to carry out wishes in a fair and equitable manner while demonstrating you made informed sensible decisions. A written valuation is an essential piece of documentation that will aid in this difficult duty.
tustee-duty-16e04cca Deceased Estate Valuers & Collection Appraisal

Respect and Privacy

Some of the most challenging times in one's life is when loved ones pass away or the chaos and disorder of marital separation. Discretion, caring and respect for privacy are all things necessary to our business.

Our consultants can visit homes or storage units, talk about value and provide multiple options to liquidate. Specifically, Fine Antiques can manage the entire process from appraisal, transportation and sale of the estate through multiple independent avenues maximising return.

We are privileged to have the trust and confidence allowing us to value family estates. Estates often contain very personal items of which we respect and care for, always maintaining complete privacy.
Sometimes items will need to be uplifted to be inspected further; an example of this is Jewelry that will need to be taken to laboratory for detailed inspection. In these cases we treat items as if the were our own, protecting from theft and damage. Items removed from the estate should be insured by the estates insurance.

Liquidation and Clearance of Assets

While Fine Antiques act as independent valuers we can also provide management of the estates liquidation and cleaning through our sister company, The Estate Clearance Company - our services maximises the asset value of your contents while reducing stress & hassle.
Our knowledge of which auction houses, dealers, and online methods realise the best prices for different types of items allows us to ensure good strong results in a timely fashion.
There is another advantage of engaging us to manage the clearance of your estate, our services through The Estate Clearance Company also include the cleaning to sale ready condition of the property, house and land. There are also options to maintain the property during the sales period.

Gordon Goodwin - Testimonial

I recently engaged Fine Antiques to provide a comprehensive Insurance valuation of my household contents that was required in order to alter my insurance cover arrangements .
Previous valuations had left me concerned about the accuracy and reliability in regards to some of the assessments .
Fine Antiques were presented with a large collection of antiques assembled over many years. A number of items were rare and unusual.
Their response was prompt , professional and impressive . A lot of time and trouble was gone to ensuring that an accurate and reliable valuation was achieved that I could have confidence in .
Communication was excellent throughout and my concerns , thoughts and opinions were taken notice of . At all times I felt they were interested in the material they were handling and listened to my knowledge of individual items .
chiparus-bronze-figurine-2614a65f Deceased Estate Valuers & Collection Appraisal
After the valuation was completed I queried a few of the figures and they were only too happy to review these – and in a very few cases – to amend in a friendly and helpful manner .
I feel the quality of the service I received was the best I have ever had from a valuer and I am very pleased to provide this recommendation . I would have no hesitation in using their services again in the future ..

Dr Gordon Goodwin
27 June 2017

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