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Independent valuation services for art, antiques, and other valuable items.

Fine Antiques represent a professional and experienced team of valuers who have a passion for art and antiques, providing flexible solutions to your unique requirements.

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Provided ongoing advice to New Zealand institutions, private collectors and executors of deceased estates. Our formal valuation reports have the depth, rigour and professional recognition required to ensure accurate and reliable information. Over the last ten years, our valuation division has completed well over 1000 valuations, recently engaged to value the significant artworks of the Otago Regional Council, along with numerous local bodies within New Zealand.

Initially based in central Christchurch, the Canterbury Earthquakes forced the move from New Regents street offices and are now operating from Papanui.

Fine Antiques office - New Regents Street, Christchurch.

Cataloguing and valuing objects is our core business. We appraise run-of-the-mill everyday household items through to art and rare, unusual investment antiques.

No job is too small or out of the way - our valuers are happy to travel up and down New Zealand. If you are off the beaten track, then that is fine. Just give us a call to discuss travel costs.

Fine Antiques Valuation
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Other Services

  • Collections cataloguing
  • Antiques & art liquidation
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Sourcing and purchasing agents

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