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Originally based in central Christchurch, we were forced to move from New Regents street offices following Earth Quakes to operate from Harewood residence, and are now operating from Papanui address.

Fine Antiques has over 25 years experience in the New Zealand and International antiques industry. Cataloguing and valuing objects is our core business and appraise run-of-the-mill everyday household items through to rare and unusual investment antiques.

Fine Antiques office - New Regents Street, Christchurch.

No job is 'to small' or 'out of the way' - staff are happy to travel up and down New Zealand. If you are off the beaten track then that is fine, just give us a call to discus travel costs.


Like most auction houses and antiques dealers, Fine Antiques had always offered valuation services to their clients. With the huge demand for contents valuations generated by the Canterbury Earthquakes, we made a decision to specialise and now provide large numbers of independent valuations of antiques, household contents, and collections.

The majority of our valuation reporting has been based around insurance claims and cataloguing, however we have had numerous times where we have provided services for matrimonial division, business division, liquidators and large collections such as the Ferrymead Heritage Parks Gramophone Collection and the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand Christchurch Collection.

How we value your items

Fine Antiques is serious about providing fair and reasonable values, using many sources to research value to ensure up-to-date current values. We have access to all major indexes, a large and varied library of reference material, experienced staff, and most importantly, we travel throughout New Zealand visiting retail outlets and the majority of art and antiques auctions. We know what prices achieved at auction are realistic, and which are exceptional (driven up by extraordinary auction competition).

Many New Zealand valuers provide their services as side-line activities to their antique shop or auction house. The values they provide are often based on their own sales experience, and do not undergo research to understand the prices other venues may achieve.

We do not go by sales experience, our values are based on research ensuring you understand the true current day or replace value of your items.

Not all items require the extra expense of research, where we are engaged to value household items, we often know the current values due to the volume of similar work.


Some of the most difficult times in ones life is being confronted with love ones passing away, or the chaos and disorder of matrimonial separation. Discretion, caring and respect for privacy are all things important to us. Consultants can visit homes or storage units, talk about value and provide multiple options to liquidate. Specifically, Fine Antiques can manage the entire process from appraisal, transportation and sale of the estate through multiple independent avenues maximising return.

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